How to Mount a Just Add Ice Orchid

How to Mount a Just Add Ice Orchid

Mounting an orchid is not difficult, but does take patience. Both epiphyte orchids that grow attached to tropical trees in nature and lithophyte orchids that grow on rocks are good choices for mounting. Just Add Ice Phalaenopsis orchids are epiphytes and can be mounted with success.

How to Mount Just Add Ice Orchids:

  1. Choose your mounting material. Soak it in water overnight. Also soak a large handful of sphagnum moss per plant.
  2. Before removing your orchid from its pot, soak it in room temperature water for 1 hour. This will loosen the roots and allow it to be removed without damaging the plant.
  3. Hold roots under a gentle stream of water to remove potting mix.
  4. Cut away any rotted or damaged roots and trim healthy roots slightly to encourage more rapid root growth.
  5. To protect your orchid from bacteria and fungus, soak the roots in an anti-bacterial/anti-fungus mix for about 5 minutes.
  6. Place moss on mounting and carefully arrange orchid roots over the moss. Position orchid so flowers face in the appropriate direction.
  7. Cover roots with additional moss until they become well established.
  8. Gently wrap monofilament 10-pound fishing line around mount and orchid roots, binding the roots to the mount. It is important not to jostle the plant until roots establish themselves on the mount. Once this occurs, the overlaying moss can be removed and the fishing line cut away.
  9. Keep your mounted orchid in a shaded area and spray sparingly for the first few weeks until new root growth appears.
  10. Mounted orchids need to be watered more frequently than potted orchids because their roots are exposed to the air.


Photo by: scott361