Easy Care Attracts Novice Growers to Just Add Ice Orchids

Easy Care Attracts Novice Growers to Just Add Ice Orchids

The results of our January consumer survey are in, and we want to thank the more than 2,000 Just Add Ice Orchid fans who participated. We’re always delighted to hear from our customers and love sharing your orchid stories and orchid photos.

Our survey shows that easy-care Just Add Ice Orchids are particularly popular with novice orchid growers. Eighty percent of survey participants said they were first-time orchid owners and 78% considered their orchid knowledge to be at the beginner level. Asked why they chose to purchase a Just Add Ice Orchid over other orchid plants, 65% of survey participants said easy care made Just Add Ice Orchids the more attractive choice. Exceptional website support was also noted by 55% of survey respondents as a primary reason for choosing Just Add Ice Orchids over other options.

Naturally, we are gratified to learn that our efforts to make Just Add Ice Orchids easy to care for and easy to grow are making it possible for so many first-time orchid owners to enjoy the stunning beauty of our Phalaenopsis Orchids. At Just Add Ice Orchids we’ve put a lot of thought into how orchids grow, how people care for plants and where problems develop. New Just Add Ice Orchid owners will find plenty of helpful orchid care instructions and how-to videos on our website.

We found that overwatering is probably the biggest reason orchids fail. To simplify watering procedures for novice orchid owners, we developed the easy to do and easy to remember just add ice method of watering orchids. Just add 3 ice cubes to your Just Add Ice Orchid once a week and your plant will thrive. To help new orchid growers get in the just add ice groove, we offer free weekly email watering reminders and an attractive downloadable monthly calendar.

Photo by: Sheila in Moonducks