Orchid Care Videos Show Dad How to Care for Just Add Ice Orchids

Orchid Care Videos Show Dad How to Care for Just Add Ice Orchids

If you’re planning to surprise your dad with a handsome Just Add Ice Orchid on Father’s Day this coming Sunday, make sure you send him a link to our handy orchid care videos. The Just Add Ice Orchids video library is an excellent resource, particularly for novice orchid growers. There’s nothing like seeing how something is done to clearly understand what you need to do to care for your new Phalaenopsis orchid. Even experienced gardeners will find our orchid care videos a useful addition to the helpful orchid care articles posted on the Just Add Ice Orchids website.

Videos are particularly helpful for first-time Just Add Ice Orchid owners. Many people who have never picked up a garden spade enjoy the rewarding challenge of growing orchids. Orchid owners who are completely new to the gardening experience are often unfamiliar with commonly used gardening terms, tools and materials. Seeing a video that demonstrates how to cut an orchid stem or that walks the viewer through the steps of repotting an orchid clarifies not only the process to be followed but the precise part of the plant being discussed and the tools and materials being used.

Just Add Ice Orchid owners say they find our orchid care videos particularly helpful when they’re having trouble with an orchid plant. The close-up and extended views of struggling orchid plants provided in the videos on orchid diseases, orchid pests, discolored orchid leaves and orchid flower or bud loss help home growers match the look of their own plant to those shown in the videos, allowing owners to accurately identify the cause of their problem and how to correct it.

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