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Sign Up for Free Watering Reminders from Just Add Ice

June 21, 2011

If you gave your dad a Just Add Ice Orchid for Father’s Day, don’t forget to sign him up for free watering reminders. Over-watering is the most frequent cause of orchid failure. People are used to giving their indoor houseplants a daily drink, and gardeners know that outdoor plants need a good drenching to survive during the hot summer months. They have a hard time understanding why their orchid plant fails to thrive when they take the same water-gulping approach to watering their new Just Add Ice Orchid. Most new orchid owners are surprised to discover that Just Add Ice Orchids are water sippers.

While orchids need a reasonable amount of humidity to thrive, they require only a moderate amount of water. The roots of Phalaenopsis orchids begin to deteriorate and rot when they sit in water-logged soil for lengthy periods of time. It doesn’t take long for too much water to kill a healthy orchid plant. Orchids do best when the potting mix is allowed to dry out between waterings, allowing plant roots to breathe. Just Add Ice Orchids were developed to take the guesswork out of watering orchid plants. Using our unique watering system, you just add 3 ice cubes  to your orchid pot once a week. As the ice melts, it provides your orchid with the ¼ cup of water it needs each week.

To keep new orchid owners on track and help them get into the weekly watering routine, Just Add Ice Orchids offers free watering reminders. You can either sign your dad up for a weekly reminder email or download our free desktop watering calendar to provide him with an attractive monthly reminder to water his new Just Add Ice Orchid.