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What Makes Just Add Ice Orchids Exceptional?

June 28, 2011

An orchid is an orchid, right? Wrong. When you admire the stunning display of Phalaenopsis Orchids at your local grocery or garden center, it pays to take a look at the tag and make sure it’s a Just Add Ice Orchid before you buy it. Just Add Ice Orchids are unique in their exceptional beauty, hardiness and easy care. With minimal care Just Add Ice Phalaenopsis Orchids will produce more buds, larger blooms and bloom longer than most other orchids. All you need to do is place your orchid where it will receive filtered sunlight and water your plant by placing 3 ice cubes in the pot once a week.

Growing Just Add Ice Orchids successfully is so easy that they are the perfect choice for people who are new to orchid growing. Whether you’re buying an orchid for yourself or to give as a gift, choosing a Just Add Ice Orchid ensures problem-free growth and a beautiful, long-lasting orchid display. Just read what our fans have to say about their experiences with Just Add Ice Orchids:

Elise M. writes: “My current Just Add Ice Orchid is probably the third one I’ve owned. This one is incredible! It bloomed in the kitchen then went dormant. I moved it outside and it recently started producing buds again. A few days ago, it had 5 blooms and 5 buds on one stem, and a new shoot is now growing out sideways with several more buds.”

“The instructions were easy, just add ice,” wrote Janice R. “I have kept it near a bright sunny window and with feeding I now have two stems full of orchid buds. I am VERY pleased! Just Add Ice Orchids are healthier than many other orchids. I never had to deal with the bugs/lice/pests you sometimes find on other orchids.”

Try a Just Add Ice Orchid. We’d love to hear about your orchid experience.