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Just Add Ice Orchids Give Dorm Room Touch of Class

September 13, 2011

Most college dorms are fairly generic. White walls, bare windows and wood-frame furniture dominate in a decorative style that can only be called depressingly Spartan. But there’s no need to despair. You can turn that cookie-cutter, plain vanilla room into a vibrant, fabulous statement of your own personal style with a little thought and careful shopping. Consider your ho-hum dorm room a blank canvas ready to be painted with the brush strokes of your unique individuality.

Part of the fun of going off to college is deciding how to decorate your dorm room and shopping for the perfect items to make it your own. For most teens, it’s their first chance to create a living space that is totally their own. When choosing your dorm décor, you can decide to go comfy or natural or sporty or elegant or anything you want to be. However you decide to express your personality, you’ll find Just Add Ice Orchids that complement your décor. These easy-care Phalaenopsis orchids can add a touch of class or an unexpected flare to any decorative scheme.

Colorful sheets and a poufy comforter, bright towels, a chic lamp, a beribboned bulletin board crowded with snaps of your family and crazy friends, and a few special knickknacks from home will quickly transform your boring dorm room into an exciting home away from home. Adding a Just Add Ice Orchid to your dormscape will create a beautiful splash of color that is sure to lift your spirits once midterms start and you’re knee deep in homework.