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How to Care for Your Just Add Ice Orchid in Cold Climates

October 6, 2011

Just Add Ice Orchids are popular not only for their stunning beauty but because they are so easy to grow in such a wide variety of environments. Despite their hardiness, Phalaenopsis orchids occasionally need a little extra TLC. As temperatures begin to plummet, these tropical plants may need a little special care to successfully survive in a colder climate.

To care for your Just Add Ice Orchid in colder environments, follow these tips:

  • If you typically display your Just Add Ice Orchid near a window or on a windowsill so that it receives adequate light, you can probably continue to do so during the winter. However, pay attention to the changing quality of the light your orchid receives as the seasons change. Phalaenopsis orchids require indirect sunlight. From spring through fall, the leaves on the trees outside your window help diffuse sunlight, preventing the sun’s powerful rays from “burning” your orchid. When trees lose their leaves in the fall, your Just Add Ice Orchid may lose this protection and need to be relocated.
  • Drafts from venting systems are generally more dangerous to Just Add Ice Orchids than most window drafts. However, exposure to the rapid temperature changes caused by strong drafts, whether from the cycling of your furnace (or air conditioner or a poorly caulked window) can put your orchid at risk. Locate your Phalaenopsis in an area that is free of drafts.
  • If you display your orchid near a window, make sure that the leaves and flowers do not touch the glass. Direct transfer of cold through the glass and condensation can damage orchid plants.

For additional orchid care tips, watch the helpful orchid care video, Caring for Your Orchid in Colder Climates.

Photo Credit: Bert Heymans