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Just Add Ice Orchids Bring Home Fall Color

October 12, 2011

Beautiful rich golds, cheerful pumpkin oranges, deep ruby reds, dark royal purples and vivid dark magentas – new Just Add Ice Orchids are arriving in stores in all your favorite fall colors. Arriving just in time to take the place of fading summer flowers, brilliantly-colored Phalaenopsis orchids provide a welcome addition to autumn’s traditional mums and asters. Just Add Ice Orchids are a lovely way to add a splash of fall color to homes and offices and make a unique hostess or birthday gift that will be appreciated for weeks, even months, to come.

Chrysanthemums and asters are traditional fall favorites, mostly because they’re one of the few fall-blooming flowers. While lovely in their own right, the many-petalled, tightly-mounding flower heads of popular fall flowers all have a similar appearance. The sameness of traditional fall flowers makes you yearn for the fluid, flowing lines of curvaceous summer beauties like romantic roses, graceful clematis and trumpet-shaped lilies. Dressed in rich fall colors, the large, softly-curving petals of Just Add Ice Orchids pay tribute to Mother Nature’s changing seasons while reminding us of summer’s elegance.

Easy-care Just Add Ice Orchids are the perfect fall decorating choice for home or office and make a delightful fall gift. Phalaenopsis orchids thrive in both natural and artificial light and only require weekly watering. Just drop 3 ice cubes into the plant’s container once a week and your Just Add Ice Orchid will receive the ideal amount of water for optimal growth; it’s that easy! Just Add Ice Orchids also have a longer blooming cycle than other fall flowers, often blooming for as long as three months!

Photo by: slckgc