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Just Add "Nice" Makes Winning Orchids Simple!

December 29, 2011

Every Friday Just Add Ice Orchids is giving away a total of FOUR FREE Phalaenopsis orchids to TWO lucky winners! We are continuing this "Nice" orchid give-away all the way through Valentine's Day, so make sure you enter this drawing because there are plenty of orchids to be won!

There are 2 simple ways to win!

  1. Weekly Random Registrant Drawing- Sign-up for our weekly random drawing to win 2 FREE Just Add Ice Orchids – that’s one for you and one to share with someone “Nice.” It’s just that simple!
  1. Participate in the "Share Your Story" on our Blog - To increase your chances of winning, every week Just Add Ice Orchids will post a new “nice” topic on our Orchid Blog. Share your stories or thoughts with us for your chance to be our random participant winner of 2 FREE Just Add Ice Orchids!

Here are some nice stories we’ve heard on this week’s topic: If you win this contest, who is the nice (lucky) person who will receive the 2nd orchid? How did you choose them?

"My friend Faith, who is so dear to my heart. She gives so selflessly for her family, her parents, her sister and her friends. She constantly gives of her time and resources even if it means that she does without. Yet she receives so little appreciation. This is how I could let her know that someone does notice and to let her know that she is greatly appreciated."
– Lisa

"I would give the orchid to my daughter, Michele. Michele is taking care of her 95 year old grandmother who has dementia. Michele moved from Phoenix, AZ to Baltimore, MD to do this on Sept. 24th. She would like to learn how to grow them because I have gotten one and she liked it. I feel she deserves to have some beauty in her life right now! I love my daughter very much!"
– Lynda F.

"I have a 78-year old neighbor that has been my "best new friend" since I moved to Western PA - she is always generous with canned goods she has made, fresh cookies & pies and also fresh garden vegetables and free range eggs. She does not have the money to buy an orchid and I would love to teach her and me how to grow them and have them rebloom."
– Dave T.

Submit your response to this week’s topic!

Contest is open to all legal U.S. residents, who are at least 18 years of age.