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How to Make Stunning Centerpieces Using Phalaenopsis Orchids

January 25, 2012

In our previous post, we shared floral design tips from well-known Cleveland, Ohio wedding and event planner Stephen Tokar. As featured on Cleveland’s WKYC-TV, Tokar shared tips for creating stunning floral centerpieces using Just Add Ice Orchids and items purchased at a hardware store. Click here to watch the video; then follow the instructions below to create your own fabulous floral centerpieces for parties, events or weddings. While Tokar used several types of flowers, we have adapted his ideas for use with Just Add Ice Orchids.

Dish of Floating Orchids and Candles

You will need:

  • 1 stem of Just Add Ice Orchids
  • 3 round floating candles, 3 inches in diameter
  • 1 large, shallow clear glass dish, approximately 12 inches in diameter by 3 inches deep
  • 1 can spray paint, any color
  • 1 roll bleed-proof painters’ tape, 1 inch wide
  • 1 small tree branch about 15 inches long
  • Newspaper


  1. Apply painters’ tape around the inside top edge of the glass dish.
  2. Lay the dish on several sheets of newspaper and spray paint the inside of the dish. When the paint is dry, remove the tape. You’ll have a painted dish with a clear top edge.
  3. Choose a tree branch with a V shade and interesting protruding twigs.
  4. Orchid Centerpiece ideaPlace candles and tree branch on newspaper. Spray paint each object, applying paint in several light coats to prevent paint drips. When dry, flip and paint other side and allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. Cut 1 stem from your Just Add Ice Orchid plant. Look for a stem with at least 3 large blooms or 5 smaller blooms. Use a second stem if necessary.
  6. To assemble the arrangement: Fill the dish with water to the top of the painted area. Lay the orchid stem on top of the water so that the flowers curve along the left side of the dish. You may have to trim the stem to create the desired curve. Trim off any excess stem.
  7. Balance the tree branch on top of the dish with the V over the water.
  8. Float the candles in the middle of the dish in the V of the branch.