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Tips for Taking Stunning Orchid Photos

February 28, 2012

Just Add Ice Orchids are a magnet for photographers. Large, curvaceous petals provide a fitting canvas on which to display the many vivid color variations of Phalaenopsis orchids. Just Add Ice Orchids create a picture that photographers find irresistible, as visitors to the website will discover when they view our Orchid Photo Galleries. Many of the photos displayed in our Orchid Photo Galleries were taken by proud Just Add Ice Orchid lovers. (It’s easy to upload your orchid photos to our photo gallery; just click here and follow the online directions.)

Photographing your Just Add Ice Orchid when it’s at peak bloom (or taking orchid photos at orchid shows) is a rewarding experience. With today’s easy-to-use digital cameras, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to create stunning photos of your Just Add Ice Orchid; just follow these orchid photography tips:

  • Pay attention to the background. It’s easy to be so focused on your orchid that you don’t notice the distracting clutter in the background until after you print the picture. To focus full attention on your orchid, place it in front of a clean, blank wall or neutral drapery. You can also place your orchid near a window to capture the outside view behind the plant. A snowy landscape creates a stunning contrast to a brightly-colored orchid. Or make your orchid part of an interesting display of household items and other plants. Using your orchid as the focal point, select items that add interesting form or varied texture to your arrangement.
  • Lighting is the key.The key to an outstanding orchid photo is lighting. Soft, diffuse, natural lighting creates dramatic orchid photographs. Try photographing your orchid in natural daylight. If shadows obscure parts of the flower, angle your flash or position a lamp or two so that the light fills in the shadows. Avoid pointing your flash directly at the orchid.

Share your best tips for taking beautiful photos of orchids by leaving a comment below. Look for more tips coming soon! 

Photo credit: Mangilao30