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Now Get Your Just Add Ice Orchids Watering Reminder by Text

March 15, 2012

In a monthly feature that showcases cool new gadgets for the home, Real Simple magazine recently spotlighted a self-watering orchid pot. A clever double-walled ceramic pot with a cut-out in the side of the outer shell for adding water, the pot is available in white or black for $69 from According to the article, the pot has three nylon wicks that connect to the outer water chamber, allowing the orchid to absorb water as needed. While it’s a clever idea, $69 dollars seems like a lot of money to spend on something that essentially takes the place of 3 ice cubes that are available free from your freezer!

Our easy-care ice cube-watering system has made Just Add Ice Orchids America’s favorite orchid. All you have to do to ensure that your Phalaenopsis orchid receives exactly the right amount of water for optimal growth is place 3 ice cubes in its pot once a week. No over-engineered pottery required! The hardest thing about our ice cube watering system is remembering which day to add the ice cubes; and Just Add Ice Orchids has a handy solution for that!

Just Add Ice Orchid owners can now sign up to receive orchid watering reminders by text! To receive a weekly text reminder, sign up on our website and tell us which day of the week you want to water your orchids. We’ll do the rest! If you don’t text, don’t worry. Our email and desktop calendar watering reminders are also available. Visit the Just Add Ice Orchids website and sign up today!

Photo credit: Lawrence OP