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Temperature Change Triggers Orchid Reblooming

March 23, 2012

As we have been discussing, quite a few things can affect the reblooming of your Just Add Ice Orchid. With proper care, your beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid will continue to bloom year-after-year; but triggering reblooming does require a little extra effort.

During dormancy, Just Add Ice Orchids have the same light, water, fertilizer and humidity requirements that they have while they are blooming.

Humidity: In their native tropical environment, tree-dwelling Phalaenopsis orchids obtain much of the water they require from the humid air, drinking in moisture through their exposed roots. In your home or office, Just Add Ice Orchids will thrive at humidity levels between 55% and 75%. If humidity drops too low, your plant will be deprived of the moisture necessary for healthy growth, and emerging flowers and leaves may be deformed. During the winter and in dry climates, you can increase humidity levels by running a humidifier in the same room where you display your Just Add Ice Orchid. Turn off the humidifier in the evening to prevent fungal growth from forming on moist leaves and stems.

As it is for most flowering plants, temperature is the primary trigger for Just Add Ice Orchid reblooming. To encourage reblooming, you will need to move your orchid to an area where nighttime temperatures range between 55 and 65 degrees F. A day-night temperature difference of 5 to 10 degrees is necessary to trigger orchid reblooming. When your orchid starts to send up a new spike, you can return it to its usual environment.

For more information on how to trigger orchid reblooming, visit the Just Add Ice Orchids website where you’ll find helpful articles and orchid care videos. 

Look for Part 4: The impact of insects and disease on orchid reblooming. 

Photo credit: Nemo's great uncle