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How to Water Orchids Using the Just Add Ice Method

April 13, 2012

If you thanked your Easter hostess by presenting her with a beautiful Just Add Ice Orchid or surprised someone special in your life with a stunning Easter orchid, you’ll want to let them know about the Just Add Ice Orchids website and encourage them to sign up for our free orchid-watering reminders.  Our easy ice-cube watering method is one of the reasons Just Add Ice Orchids are so popular. Our hardy Phalaenopsis orchids thrive with minimal care and attention, making them the perfect gift for anyone, even people who haven’t been successful with other houseplants.

Over-watering is the No. 1 cause of orchid failure. When Phalaenopsis orchids receive too much water, excess water collects around the plant’s roots. In a surprisingly short time, roots can begin to rot, causing the orchid to fail. Just Add Ice Orchids solve the problem with an easy ice-cube watering method. Watering orchids has never been easier. Just add 3 ice cubes to your orchid pot once a week. As the ice gradually melts, your Just Add Ice Orchid receives the precise amount of water required to nourish the plant without drowning the roots. It’s so easy, even people who swear they have a black thumb can grow Just Add Ice Orchids successfully.

The biggest problem Just Add Ice Orchid owners have is remembering to add ice cubes to their orchid’s pot once a week. To help orchid owners, the Just Add Ice Orchids website offers free orchid-watering reminders. You choose the day you want to water your new orchid, and we’ll send you a weekly reminder by your choice of email or text. Just Add Ice Orchid owners can also download our monthly desktop wallpaper orchid photo with their watering date circled on the included calendar.

Our method of watering orchids with ice cubes is now backed by research. Click below to read the results of a joint study by researchers at The Ohio State University and the University of Georgia.


Photo: Puzzler4879