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Phalaenopsis Amabilis: Orchid Species Description

May 21, 2012

All Just Add Ice Orchids are Phalaenopsis orchids, but not just any run of the mill Phalaenopsis. Our orchids are specially created hybrids. We have close relationships with exclusive orchid breeders, which gives us the opportunity to “get the jump” on our competition when it comes to releasing new orchid varieties. All of our orchid varieties are numbered and tracked throughout our entire supply chain.

Phalaenopsis Amabilis Background

Phalaenopsis amabilis, more commonly known as the Moth Orchid, is a beautiful tropical plant that can be successfully kept indoors. Its lovely appearance has caused it to be called “the flower of charm” in its native Indonesia, where it is one of three national flowers. 

Phalaenopsis amabilis has thick dark leaves that grow out from a short stem. The flower stalk grows taller than the main stem, crowning the rest of the plant with beautiful showy flowers. While the phalaenopsis orchid usually blooms in the winter, those that are grown indoors may have flowers present at just about any time of the year.

Caring for Phalaenopsis Orchids

In the wild, the Phalaenopsis orchid has adapted to both damp and dry habitats. As a houseplant, it will need plenty of moisture to thrive. Wilting caused by overly dry soil will set back the plant’s growth. Take care not to over-water your orchid, as it can develop root rot if its roots are left standing in water. For the orchid to grow its best, the soil should be left to dry out a little in between watering.

The name of the plant itself, “Phalaenopsis,” is a reference to a group of large moths; the orchid blossoms give the impression of wings in flight. The soft flowers grow together, not in random clusters, but spaced in a graceful row off the stalk. These elegant blossoms are long-lasting and very popular for wedding bouquets and centerpieces. 

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