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Orchids Add Grace and Elegance to June Weddings

June 1, 2012

A favorite choice of brides and wedding designers, orchids add a graceful note of elegant beauty to June and summer weddings. One of the Earth’s most prolific flower species, orchids come in a dizzying array of shapes and sizes from little Dendrobium’s clustering cascades to the large, stunning blooms of curvaceous Phalaenopsis, a popular wedding choice.

Dozens of Options

From nature’s already rich color palette, hybridizers have exploded orchid color choices into dozens of gorgeous shades and exotic patterns. Phalaenopsis orchids, for example, are available in more than 60 color variations from pale pastel pinks and lavenders to vibrant reds and deep royal purples. Eye-catching bi-color orchids and exotic uniques – Phalaenopsis hybrids spotted with dots of color or streaked with irregular slashes of color – further expand decorating options.

Many Ways to Display Orchids

Coupled with their arresting beauty, it is the ability to match any wedding color or make a unique decorative statement that has made Phalaenopsis orchids a preferred choice for bridal bouquets, hair adornment, corsages, church and reception displays, wedding cake embellishments, and table decorations. Their large blooms, exquisite beauty and dramatically arching stems give Phalaenopsis orchids commanding stand-alone presence—just one of the reasons they are a preferred wedding choice.

A single pot of Phalaenopsis orchids makes an elegant table decoration. Showcasing potted orchids inside tall glass hurricanes, displaying cut stems inside cylindrical or square glass tubes or floating a candle atop a water-filled glass column of cut blooms are popular ways of displaying orchids at weddings. Phalaenopsis orchids’ hardy ability to stand up to handling and heat ensures that wedding decorations will look fresh for the duration of the festivities.

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