What Types of Containers Can Be Used to Repot Orchids?

What Types of Containers Can Be Used to Repot Orchids?

Numerous types of containers can be used to repot Phalaenopsis amabilis orchids. Some Phalaenopsis orchid growers double pot their orchids before shipping them to stores. The actual orchid plant is planted in a clear plastic grower pot that is placed inside a decorative pot.

Many orchid owners are fans of double potting because it offers three distinct advantages:

  • The clear grower pot allows orchid owners to easily inspect the plant’s roots without disturbing the orchid by simply lifting the grower pot out of the decorative pot.
  • The decorative pot hides the orchid’s tangled roots from view, creating a more attractive display.
  • Double potting allows orchid owners to quickly and simply place their orchid in seasonal or holiday containers without repotting.

When Phalaenopsis orchid owners repot their orchids—something that should be done every one to two years—many prefer to maintain the double-potting system. Clear plastic grower pots in a variety of sizes can be purchased online or at local garden centers. However, Phalaenopsis orchids can be directly potted into nearly any container as long as it provides adequate drainage (4 to 8 drainage holes for 3 to 4-inch pots and 8 to 12 holes for 5 to 6-inch pots).

When repotting Phalaenopsis orchids, the size of the container is more important than its composition. To accommodate your orchid’s future growth, chose a new pot that is at least one-inch larger in diameter than and as tall as your orchid’s current pot. For example, if your orchid is growing in a 5-inch diameter pot; repot it into a 6-inch diameter pot of the same or greater height.

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