Mini Phalaenopsis Orchids Will Brighten Up A Terrarium, Part 2 of 2

Mini Phalaenopsis Orchids Will Brighten Up A Terrarium, Part 2 of 2

In our previous blog post, we discussed how mini Phalaenopsis orchids can brighten up a terrarium display. Today, we will go over how you can create your very own!

To build a mini orchid terrarium display:

Step One…

Wash the terrarium tank thoroughly before to ensure that any left-over salts or diseases are removed.

Step Two…

Decide which types of plants will be able to co-exist with your mini Phalaenopsis orchids. Miniatures Phalaenopsis orchids will do well in small terrariums, and small ivy, fibrous-rooted begonia and small ferns can be grown with the Phalaenopsis orchids since they all enjoy the humidity that exists within a terrarium.

Step Three…

Be careful where the mini Phalaenopsis orchid terrarium is placed. Direct sunlight will act as an oven for any size terrarium. Colder area placement of a Phalaenopsis orchid terrarium is not good as the orchids must be kept warm but not hot. Mid-level light levels along with moderate temperatures are best for terrariums with Phalaenopsis orchids.

Step Four…

Add two inches of stones to the bottom of the well cleaned and rinsed terrarium. All stones placed in the terrarium must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that nothing harmful will be transferred to the elegant mini Phalaenopsis orchids. Placing one inch of water in the rocks will create a humid environment for the orchids to live within. Be sure that the roots of the orchids are not placed in any standing water as they will rot. Note:  Some people choose to use soil at the bottom of their terrarium. While pretty to look at, it is easy for disease to be introduced to a terrarium when soil is used as the substrate.

Step Five…

Leaving the mini Phalaenopsis orchids in their original clear grower pot is the best way to ensure proper growth and the least amount of damage to the bright and beautiful plants. After the bottom stones are in place, set one or two mini Phalaenopsis orchids inside of the terrarium. Using sphagnum moss to hide the potted plants will not only give a finished touch, the moss will give a fantastic looking dimension to the terrarium.

Step Six…

If the terrarium happens to look dry, just add ice to add some moisture and humidity into their self- contained environment. If the terrarium looks continuously wet along the walls, open for short periods of time to help eliminate some of the humidity. Be mindful of cold areas, cold breezes, or hot areas that will damage the Phalaenopsis orchids.

You will find that with a little work and minimal attention, a spectacular and uplifting terrarium can be created with our colorful mini Phalaenopsis orchids. You can view another way to make a terrarium in a different post.

Photo credit: Little Pheasant via photopin cc

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