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Phalaenopsis Orchids are Perfect for Wedding Day Hair

April 15, 2013

Words that describe a “veil” are: a mask, a disguise, and something that covers, separates, screens, or conceals. The tradition of a bride wearing a wedding veil is believed to be introduced as far back as ancient Rome. The bridal veil covered the brides face so that her features would be confused by evil spirits that were attracted to the bride. In Medieval times, the veil was used as a symbol of modesty, purity, and chastity. Another idea of where the bride’s veil came from was for those who would partake in arranged marriages. Many believe that the veil was used as a way of hiding what the bride looked like from the groom so that he would not back out before the I do’s were complete.

Getting with the Modern Times

Fast forward to 2013 and many women are saying goodbye to ancient traditions of the past and some are giving up the veil completely once they decide to marry. Not wanting to have hair without decoration on their wedding day, many women are turning to other types of fun hair pieces to show off their lovely locks.

Brides are finding that you don’t need to have a tropical themed wedding to use beautiful orchid flowers in their hair. Plastic flowers, of course, are a bit taboo, but brides can choose from a variety of elegant flowers that will make them look spectacular.

Simply Elegant

The Phalaenopsis orchid is a splendid choice for brides that are looking for something chic and elegant to decorate their hair. Orchids will lend an artistic and classy flair for day and nighttime wedding events. When Phalaenopsis orchids are in full bloom, the colorful flowers can easily be snipped at the stem and clipped into the hair. These smaller flowers can be placed in clusters or alone just inches apart for an exquisite wedding day look.

As a special gift for the bride, the Phalaenopsis orchid that is used for her wedding day should be given as a special gift of remembrance. Each year as new buds and flowers form, the bride will be reminded of her wedding day and the people who helped make it special.