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Premature Bloom or Bud Loss on Your Orchid What You Can Do

April 27, 2013

bud lossVirtually every orchid fan has had the experience of looking in on their favorite plant one morning only to discover – oh no! – tiny buds or entire blooms dropped to the bottom of the planter, dead before their time.

The causes of premature bud or bloom loss (called bud blast) can range from a sudden change in room temperature to over-watering.

Your colorful, hardy Phalaenopsis plants need not be a victim of early bud loss when you use orchid tips from Just Add Ice Orchids to keep them in optimum health:

  • Check the temperature. Orchids thrive best in a warmer, humid environment (65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit).  Make sure your plants are in a consistently warm area of your home or office to see if this makes a positive difference.
  • Attend to the water. Orchids by nature do not require large amounts of hydration. Just Add Ice Orchids only need three ice cubes added to the pot each week. Don’t let the roots sit in excess water – that’s a sure way to kill off buds before they have a chance to bloom. 
  • Remove the fruit bowl. That innocent-looking bowl of apples, bananas or oranges near your plants may be the culprit. Ripening fruit emits ethylene gas, which can cause bud blast.

If the temperature, humidity, water and ethylene all appear to be in order and your plants are still shedding buds prematurely, consider repotting the orchid. Also, check for pests that may be present.

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