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Learn How to Decorate With Orchids

June 28, 2013

4th of july orchidPhalaenopsis orchids are available in many different colors and come in many different containers. There’s no doubt that these beautiful orchids will brighten up any room in your home. Phalaenopsis orchids are whimsical and fun with their interesting shapes and blooms. Phalaenopsis orchids can be placed on a table as a stand-alone plant or in a cluster of plants for an exotic feel.

You can use orchids to decorate for any holiday!

Some people choose to use their Phalaenopsis orchids as a decoration for various holidays by adding a stake of decorative berries alongside their orchid flowers. Putting the orchid into a silver tin adds a special sparkle as well. A simple glass cylinder with decorative glass beads, or even chocolates, can transform an orchid in an ordinary plastic pot into a decorative show piece. Or, with Independence Day coming up, place an American Flag within the ceramic pot to show your US pride!

Orchids make a perfect gift any time of the year

Orchids can be placed together inside of a basket by using floral foam as support. Use moss to cover the foam to create an even look. Be sure to leave the bark area of the plant free of moss so that it can easily be watered. If you’re interested in making your orchid gift even more special, check out our free download, “5 Ways to Personalize Your Orchid.”

The possibilities for decorating with Phalaenopsis orchids are endless. It just takes a little imagination and in no time your orchids will dazzle your family and friends. We invite you to view our project videos  for ideas on how to decorate with Phalaenopsis orchids.

5 Ways to Personalize Your Orchid Plant