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Can My Phalaenopsis Orchid Rebloom?

July 12, 2013

cutting the flower spikeBuying a blooming Phalaenopsis orchid or receiving one as a gift can be thrilling. For those who have never owned a Just Add Ice Orchid before, they are always amazed at the simplicity of watering each week. And who can beat the sheer abundance and lasting beauty of the exotic looking flowers on the plant? Unlike other types of houseplants that have flowers, the Phalaenopsis orchid will bless its owner with lovely colorful flowers for quite some time, with very little effort given to the plant.

What to Do When Orchid Blooms Fall

Sadness comes when the blooms begin to fall and reality hits that the precious orchid must enter its period of rest. For the Phalaenopsis orchid, the resting phase is a time when the roots and leaves gain strength so that they will be able to rebloom once again.

Here are a few helpful tips to encourage your Phalaenopsis orchid to rebloom:

  • You may choose to cut the flower spike half way down stem with a clean knife. Many orchid owners then choose to sprinkle cinnamon powder at the crown to keep bacteria away.
  • Another option is to use a clean knife and cut one inch above the base of the plant so that more energy is placed into generating leaves and roots so that the new flower spike will grow stronger.
  • Some people choose to leave their flower spike alone and wait to see if any new buds develop over time. Note: If the spike dries up, it should be cut back to a healthy point on the stem.
  • Another option to consider when helping your Phalaenopsis orchid rebloom is to cut the flower spike back to the area where the node is. Doing so may encourage the orchid to generate new flower spikes that will be appearing on the side of the stem.

No matter which way you choose to help your Phalaenopsis orchid rebloom, you are on path to receive months of beautiful blooms for your efforts. If you’re interested in learning additional ways to trigger reblooming, check out our Orchid Care Video.

            Your Simple Guide to Orchid Reblooming