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Learn How to Live With Phalaenopsis Orchids

July 19, 2013

orchids on kitchen counterPhalaenopsis orchids are rewarding and easy to grow. These beautiful orchids are hardy plants that thrive in the conditions present in most homes. If the living environment is comfortable for people, then it should be just fine for your orchid as well!

Where to Place Your Orchid

Many successful Phalaenopsis orchid plant owners are thrilled when their orchid is in full bloom, choosing to display the plant on kitchen counters, dining room tables, or end tables for all to see. Like many household plants, a Phalaenopsis orchid needs sunlight in order to maintain good health. Orchids actually need more light than some traditional house plants, as a general rule – using the sunlight as a means of gaining energy. An interesting fact about the Phalaenopsis orchid is that once it is in full bloom, the orchid has stored up all of the energy that it needs to complete its blooming cycle. This, however, does not mean that you should place your beautiful plant in a dark, out-of-the-way corner once it begins to flower. Place your orchid in a room or area that receives bright yet indirect sunlight with ranging temperatures of 65 to 80 degrees F during the day and 60 to 70 degrees F at night.

Proper Orchid Living Conditions

With the right conditions, the flowers will often last several months on the Phalaenopsis orchid. The first year of owning the Phalaenopsis orchid should be used as a time of learning about the plant. Phalaenopsis orchids will always bloom the longest when they are kept away from direct sun and in cooler temperatures.

To learn more about the living conditions needed for your orchid, watch our Orchid Care Video.

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