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3 Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Show You Care

June 9, 2022

We've come a long way since the days of pipe tobacco and socks, which were among the most popular Father’s Day gifts of the 1920s. Modern dads have a wider range of interests, many of which didn’t even exist years ago, like gaming and digital photography or indoor rock climbing.

This year, think outside the (gift) box with these simple Father’s Day gift ideas based on the 5 Love Languages. These sweet and simple gift combo ideas for Father's Day will make dads, father figures and mentors feel loved and appreciated, regardless of your budget.

#1. Receiving Gifts + Words of Affirmation

Whether your dad is a nature enthusiast or spends his days at a desk, you can’t go wrong with a low-maintenance indoor plant. 

Does your dad love to garden or appreciate art? We recommend a full-size Phalaenopsis orchid. These strikingly beautiful plants come in an array of colors and will add an artistic flare to his decor. With minimal maintenance, your dad will enjoy his orchid for many Father’s Days.

Is your dad a practical, low-key kind of guy? Consider a money tree, believed to bring good luck and prosperity, or an anthurium, known as the world’s longest blooming plant.  

Be sure to include a card with a handwritten note to tell him all of the things you appreciate about him!

#2. Quality Time + Physical Touch + Receiving Gifts

Did you know that hugging reduces stress and increases feelings of wellbeing? This simple act lowers blood pressure and increases the bonding hormone oxytocin, among many other benefits.

Give your dad a huge dose of hugs when you arrange a get together with family members and close friends, especially those your dad hasn't seen in awhile. When you capture this simple yet memorable Father's Day gift with a photo, you can frame it as a bonus gift, adding yet another love language gift to the mix. If one of your photos turns out especially well, you can even have it printed on a large canvas to hang on the wall. 

#3. Acts of Service + Quality Time

Is your dad the kind of guy who can’t sit still? One minute he's in the yard; the next, he's repairing something around the house, helping a neighbor or volunteering in his community. For the dad whose love language is acts of service, consider giving him a break from his least favorite chores. 

Hire a contractor for that repair work around the house or order a gourmet, catered meal for your Father’s Day gathering so he can spend more quality time with friends and family. 

Most people have a dominant love language with one or two that come in as close seconds and thirds. Use the ideas above to spark your creativity as you mix and match based on the love languages. 

Not sure which is your dad’s predominant love language? Incorporate them all! 

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