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3 Ideas to Keep Your Resting Orchid Beautiful

November 11, 2014

There’s no denying an orchid in full bloom is a beautiful addition to your home décor. It’s no wonder most orchid owners search for a prominent place to display their plants in their homes!

However, once orchids lose their blooms and enter their resting phase, they become less aesthetically pleasing. While bloom loss is a normal part of a healthy orchid life cycle, many orchid owners choose to throw their plant away rather than care for it through the next blooming cycle. Even if they keep their orchid, they might be more inclined to move it to a less visible area of their home. 

While we don’t think there’s any way a resting orchid can compete with an orchid in bloom, they can still be beautiful with a little creativity. Here are three ideas for dressing up your resting orchid so it can continue to be a visible and beautiful part of your home. 

Attach Silk Orchid Blooms to the Bald Spikes 

Think of this suggestion as the equivalent of putting a “winter wig” on your balding orchid. Silk orchid blooms are found in most craft stores and can be easily tied to the bare spikes of your orchid with the clips on your orchid stake. This allows them to serve as a temporary disguise for your orchid in its resting phase. Just be sure to still keep a close watch over your spikes so you can keep them trimmed and healthy

Incorporate Into a Display 

If you find your resting orchid isn’t much to behold all by its lonesome, try incorporating it into a display with multiple other plants or focal points. That way, your orchid can still be out in the open where you’ll remember to maintain your watering schedule and check the health of your spikes

Personalize Your Pot

The ideal time to repot your orchid is after it loses its final bloom. Take advantage of this opportunity to choose a more decorative pot or to add your own personalized touch. Use paint to add a special design or uplifting message, glue on charms or even attach photographs. 

For even more ideas for how to personalize your plant, check out our free download and get inspired to make your orchid beautiful year round.

5 Ways to Personalize Your Orchid Plant