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4 Reasons to Keep Orchids in Your Office

April 1, 2014

orchids-in-the-officeThe vibrant beauty of orchids makes them a wonderful addition to any space. But did you know these flowers do more than enhance a room’s ambiance? When you place an orchid in an office, for example, orchids possess other impressive attributes, like enhancing your job performance.

Here are four reasons why keeping orchids in your office can give you more than just an aesthetic boost:

1. Enhances Moods

Some people seem to wake up with a spring in their step and a “Go get ‘em!” attitude, while others don’t seem to fully come alive until the afternoon. If you fall into the latter group, an orchid or two in the office may be just what you need to perk up!

Scientists at Harvard University conducted a behavioral study and discovered that people who see small bouquets of flowers throughout their office first thing in the morning experience an increase in happiness and energy. The study also found that flowers encourage mood contagion, or the likelihood of “transferring happy feeling to others.” The best part? Your morning floral pick-me-up won’t come with an afternoon caffeine crash.

2. Promotes Innovation

Are you feeling uninspired? Orchids may be just the trick to getting back your creative mojo. Businesses need to maintain their competitive edge, and studies show flowers and plants can really jumpstart creativity and problem solving.

In one study, scientists at Texas A&M University compared office environments decorated with plants and flowers to those with no decorations over an eight-month period. Both male and female participants flourished in the decorated space: Men provided 15 percent more ideas, while women generated more flexible solutions to problems.

3. Shows Appreciation to Administrative Professionals

Orchids do more than inspire innovation—they express admiration and appreciation, too. Many administrative assistants spend hours whittling down an endless supply of daily tasks. Administrative Professionals Day is in April, and what better way to say ‘thank you’ than with an orchid? After you’ve given your gift, encourage your admin to sign up for Just Add Ice Watering reminders to keep the orchid healthy and beautiful.

4. Reduces Illness and Improves Air Quality

When you hear a co-worker coughing, you know it’s only a matter of time before his or her germs migrate to your work area. Plants give your immune system the boost it needs to go head-to-head with the Sick Building Syndrome plaguing your office. A Norwegian study concluded that plants in the workplace decreased absenteeism by two-thirds, from 15 to 5 percent.

What’s more, Bio-Safe Incorporated determined that the air inside an office is more polluted than outside air because of the lack of circulating fresh air indoors. Research shows that areas with plants have 50 to 60 percent fewer airborne pollutants because plants absorb VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) from the air and release fresh oxygen back into the atmosphere.

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