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4 Tips for a Sunburn-Free Orchid this Summer

July 3, 2014

prevent-orchid-sunburn-1The warmth of the summer sun is a joy. Whether you’re decked out in a lawn chair or lying on a beach, soaking up the sun’s rays can be quite relaxing. But the sun can also be unforgiving: The sting of sunburned skin is proof of its harshness. That’s why sunscreen is so crucial during the summer months.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as SPF for your orchid; however, you can minimize its chances of getting burned. Today’s post provides four useful tips to help ensure your orchid gets the benefits of the sun without getting baked.

Curtains: Decorative and Protective

Curtains are one of the easiest ways to dress up a window and spruce up your décor. They also form a barrier between the sun and your orchid. It’s no secret that orchids demand lots of light, but indirect sunlight is what they really crave. Setting your orchid behind a light-colored or sheer curtain is the perfect way to filter in lots of light to your plant while shielding it from the direct line of the sun. As a bonus, curtains also help to cool down a warm room!

North and East-facing Windows

Can you place your flower in a window without a curtain? Yes, but not just any window. It’s important that you place your orchid in a window that doesn’t receive as much light as the others—usually a north or east-facing window. Although windows in this part of the house are safest, be sure to check on your orchids regularly for any signs it’s receiving too much light, such as yellowing or wilted leaves.


When the weather’s nicer, many orchid lovers enjoy taking their plants with them outside. The easiest way to prevent your orchid from getting sunburned is to keep it under an awning or shaded porch. 


Moving your orchid to different locations in your home or office is another way you can minimize its risk of sunburn. For orchid owners who receive a lot of sun throughout their home, but don’t want to put curtains on every window, place your orchid as far away from the window as possible during the day (preferably in the center of the room). Every couple of days, move your plant closer to the window, and then back to the center of the room. Keep this rotation up to ensure your plant is getting enough light while preventing sunburn.

There’s no reason your orchid can’t enjoy the pleasures of the summer sun. By following these tips, you can decrease the chances of orchid sunburn.

For more information on how to best care for your orchid, check out our helpful care guides!

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