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5 Simple Kitchen Decorating Ideas

November 24, 2015

The kitchen is one of the most widely used rooms in your home. Whether you’re a gourmet cook or just stop by the fridge to pick up a snack, chances are you’re in your kitchen at least a few times a day.

When it comes to design, the kitchen (along with the bathroom) is probably one of the most overlooked rooms in the home. But some simple decorating hacks can add some style—and color to your kitchen. Here are a few kitchen decorating ideas.

Add a Mirror

If you’ve got a small kitchen, it can feel cramped and dark. Try adding a mirror as a backsplash. A mirror will reflect the light that’s naturally in your kitchen and make it look like your space has doubled. Here’s a how-to for adding a mirror to your kitchen decor.

Use Some Paint

You might think paint is an obvious idea for giving a new look to walls, but what about backsplashes? If your backsplash is grimy or outdated, break out a can of paint and try painting a design to give it a fresh new look.

Add Color

A touch of color can easily brighten up your kitchen. Orchids, colored dishes or glasses are simple ways to add a dash of color this space.

Get Unconventional

When it comes to knife storage, most people probably use a drawer or a knife block, but you can add some decorative flair and create a unique way to store knives by using an empty jar and some bamboo skewer sticks. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could decorate the glass jar with some ribbon or paint. Here’s a how-to.

Think Outside the Box with Organization

Instead of plastic containers, organize your pantry or countertop snacks with metal pails. Glue chalkboard paper to each pail and write what each pail stores for a rustic and creative touch. If you’re using the pails in your pantry and have the room, simply nail the pails on the inside of the wall.

The kitchen doesn’t have to be a drab place. These simple decorating hacks can easily brighten up your space.

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