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5 Unconventional Pot Ideas for Your Orchid

November 17, 2015

While the actual blooms of your orchid get all the glory and attention, the pot you choose for your plant provides the opportunity to really let your creativity shine. By using an unconventional pot, your orchid can add both beauty and personality to whatever room it inhabits.

If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your orchid’s pot, check out the following five unconventional pot ideas for inspiration.

A teapot or pitcher

Placing your orchid in a ceramic teapot or pitcher creates a clever display with a touch of Southern charm. The contrast of your unique plant in an ordinary household item can make for a lovely display.


A hanging pot

We can’t think of many things more elegant and dramatic than an orchid suspended in the air in a hanging pot. This unconventional choice can make your kitchen feel like an exotic rainforest.


A teacup or mug

While probably best suited for a mini orchid, potting your plant in a decorative teacup or personalized mug isn’t just adorable—it also makes a great gift.


A cowboy boot

It may seem strange at first, but using a cowboy boot as a planter is actually a great way to combine the natural beauty of an orchid with the rustic appeal of the Old West.


A homemade wine cork vase

Recycle your wine corks by using them to create a homemade vase that can provide the perfect new home for your plant. Find the DIY instructions here.


Of course, you don’t want to risk choosing an unconventional pot that could damage the health of your orchid. To avoid this problem, make sure your new pot allows for proper drainage or keep your orchid primarily potted in a plastic growing pot. With the safety of your orchid taken care of, you can simply place the plastic pot inside a more decorative container.

Looking for a more personalized pot for your orchid? Check out our free download and learn five new ways to personalize your plant.

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