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5 Unusual Orchid Arrangements That Will Turn Heads

April 10, 2014

unusual-orchid-arrangementsThere’s no denying your Just Add Ice® Orchid is a head turner. Its exotic beauty and rich color ensure it will look great in almost any décor. A piece as unique as the Phalaenopsis orchid, however, will do more than turn heads; it’ll inspire your houseguests to imitate your arrangement.

Here are five unexpected flower arrangements you can try with your orchid today:

Cake Stand Terrarium

A terrarium is a great place for an orchid because it’s airtight and is spacious enough for you to add your own green accents such as moss, charcoal, ferns and cryptanthus. For a stylishly dramatic flair, place your orchid terrarium on a cake stand or other unique platform. Use several mini orchids for a truly impactful look. Learn to build a mini orchid terrarium here!

Leather Belt Pot

Are you a fan of leather? A homemade pot made from unused belts may be the perfect décor piece for you! This idea is perfect if you have plain orchid pots that you’re looking to dress up. Simply wrap two or three leather belts of different widths and colors around the pot. Not only is this arrangement unusual and chic, when used as a centerpiece, it’s sure to start a conversation or two.

Rain boot Vases

Nothing brightens up a gray and rainy day like rain boots with bold colors and patterns. But who says that rain boots are only for your feet? These child-sized rain boots are the fun holder for your orchids, especially for the spring and summer. The pink polka dot boots in the picture are perfect for a playroom, but you can use them as an outdoor centerpiece for a garden party or outdoor birthday party as well.

Vintage Milk Crates

Adding flowers to vintage milk bottles is a fun and stylish way to bring the past into the present. And while you may not want to cut your orchids, you can achieve the same feel by placing an orchid or two in a vintage milk crate and surrounding it with glass bottles. The simple elegance will add a rustic style to your kitchen or dining room table.

Log Vase

Our final unique inspiration draws its beauty—not to mention its material—from the great outdoors. It’s a log vase. If you know your way around power tools, then this DIY project won’t be too difficult. Use a power drill to drill a hole large enough for an orchid grower pot. Inspect the log for any decay or insects. Insert your vase into the log and voilà! You have your very own natural vase.

Check out this video for even more ideas for adding flair to your Just Add Ice Orchids!

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