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6 Great Things About Being Around Flowers

June 7, 2016


Last year, we wrote about the positive benefits indoor house plants can have on your health, but our list was by no means exhaustive. That’s why today we’re back with even more ways being around flowers can help you lead a positive, healthy life.

To jog your memory, we already covered how plants can improve the air quality of your home, provide stress relief, reduce seasonal ailments, increase healing and improve concentration. But what other benefits are hiding in green leaves and blooming buds?

Here are six more benefits of flowers that prove keeping them in your home and community is a great idea.

1. Flowers can increase your energy

Often, the simple act of being around nature can give people an energy boost; having plants in your home can have the same effect. Surrounding yourself with natural beauty and a pop of color give you the added vitality you need to excel at the demands of your day.

2. Flowers aid in learning

We wrote previously about how plants can help with concentration, which dovetails into enhanced learning capabilities. Studies have shown that having plants in classrooms helps children learn new things and remember information more easily.

3. Flowers are natural mood boosters

Plants don’t just help relieve stress—they can actually make you happier, simply by being around them. Having plants in your home or work environment gives off the type of positive energy that can make you feel more secure and happy.

4. Flowers can improve your relationships

Part of a healthy life is having healthy relationships and flowers can help improve relationships with the people in your life. Surprisingly, we’re not talking about the common practice of gifting your loved one with flowers—though that certainly can’t hurt. Instead, it’s again the mere presence of plants that can make people more compassionate, thoughtful and caring.

5. Flowers can boost community activity

Having an abundance of flowers and plants in a community can have positive effects on the community’s residents—even going so far as to make them healthier by promoting physical activity. This is especially noteworthy when communities and neighborhoods have parks and nature spaces that bring residents outside and encourage activity.

6. Flowers can reduce community crime

Perhaps even more significant than encouraging residents to exercise, a higher presence of flowers and plants in a community has even been shown to reduce crime rates. Since having nature spaces like gardens and parks tends to bring a community together, this element of community cohesion is thought to decrease crime incentives.

What are you waiting for? Buy an anthurium for your office, fill your home with flowers and get to work beautifying your community. Your health and general well-being will thank you.

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