6 Reasons Orchids Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Surprise

6 Reasons Orchids Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Surprise

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to show the one you love how special they are this Valentine’s Day, stop searching — we’ve got you covered. Not only do we have the perfect gift idea, but we also have six reasons ready to convince you why.

1. They’re Unique

Even if your loved one has received countless flower bouquets from previous Valentines, they probably haven’t received an exotic plant like an orchid. You can stick to the “flowers and candy” tradition and still make a unique impression.

2. They Last Longer Than a Bouquet

By giving your loved one a plant instead of cut flowers, you’re giving them a gift they can continue to enjoy long after they would have had to throw away a typical bouquet of roses. With the right care, their orchid could continue to flower and decorate his or her home for years to come.

3. They’re Easy to Care For

Your Valentine doesn’t need to have a green thumb to take care of an orchid. With their low maintenance needs (even in winter months!), the gift of an orchid can turn even the most novice of gardeners into flourishing plant owners.

4. They’re the Perfect “Something Extra”

Perhaps you’ve found one gift you already know your Valentine will love, but you’re looking for something a little extra to really show them how special they are to you. Orchids make the perfect addition to other traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, like candy, jewelry or a nice dinner.

5. They’re Easy to Personalize

Take the gift of a plant to the next level by personalizing the pot or adding Valentine’s-style decorations with ribbons or stickers. The recipient of your orchid will know you took the extra time to make this special holiday all about them.

6. They Can Create a Bonding Experience

While orchids are easy to care for, they do require a slightly different touch than most potted plants. Learning about the specific needs of your unique new plant can be a great relationship activity. You can work together to get your orchid through all four seasons and rejoice when it reblooms next year.

Don’t settle for a clichéd bouquet or standard box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Give your special someone a gift that makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Make sure your Valentine knows the proper orchid care during the winter months. Direct them to this free guide full of winter care tips.

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