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7 Tips for Brightening Up Your Cubicle

May 10, 2016

Even if you enjoy your job, going to the same workspace every day can get monotonous. With how much time you spend in the small space of a cubicle or office, you deserve to have a space that reflects your tastes, personality and mood. Often, simply brightening up your cubicle can make a big difference in how you feel about going to work each day—in fact, it may even help you be more productive.

If your cubicle is in need of a facelift, try some of the following tips to breathe new life into the same old space.

1. Switch up your photographs

You’ve likely already adorned the walls of your cubicle or frames on your desk with smiling photos of your loved ones. However, if you’ve been looking at the same old pictures for several months, it may be time for a change. Try putting up all new photos and seeing how big of a difference new faces and scenes can make.

2. Incorporate soft light

Office spaces often use harsh florescent lighting that not only isn’t comfortable to your eyes, but also gives your cubicle an eerie glow. Do your best to counteract the fluorescent overhead lights by adding some soft light to your cubicle space. Bring in a funky lamp or string a strand of lights along the walls.

3. Use contact paper to decorate your filing cabinet and drawers

Nothing makes your cubicle feel more commercialized than a metal filing cabinet and standard desk. Give your furniture a new look by decorating drawers and doors with patterned contact paper. Your space will instantly be brighter, but the paper is easily removed if necessary.

4. Decorate with flowers

Few things brighten up a space more than flowers, but you don’t want to constantly deal with changing out dying blooms from a vase. Instead, invest in a small flowering plant that doesn’t require much maintenance, like a mini orchid. All you’ll need to do is put one ice cube in the soil per week and your plant can bring joy to your office for months to come.

5. Get inspired with quotes

During particularly long and stressful days, funny and inspirational quotes can provide the pick-me-up you need to make it to 5 p.m. Find a few quotes that mean something to you, seek out free printables (or design your own) and pin them to the walls of your cubicle where you can see them every day.

6. Jazz up your organizational system

There’s no rule that says your file folders and notepads have to be bland and standard. Instead, find products to use in your office space that reflect your personal style—from your pencil cup, to your Post-it notes. Every single item can add an element of color and liveliness.

7. Bring the outdoors indoors

One of the hardest parts of working in an office is being stuck inside on sunny days. To counteract this effect, bring elements of the outdoors in to your desk. Try decorating with a small bonsai tree for a classic, natural look.

You may have boring workdays, but that doesn’t mean your workspace has to be boring. Making the effort to add in a little personality can go a long way in improving your work environment.

Why not add to your orchid family while you wait?