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Best TV Love Stories to Strengthen Your Connection on Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2022


Love is a beautiful thing, and TV love is no different. Watching your favorite actors fall head over heels for each other from the comfort of your home with your BFF or beau is a lovely way to celebrate a day dedicated to the four-letter word we love to gush over. 

Valentine's Day is a busy day for lovers, especially those wishing to commemorate their love on February 14th. If you plan to stay in after your dinner reservations, a good rom-com or heartfelt tearjerker to strengthen your bond is the new tradition you didn't know you needed. 

This curated list of TV love stories will make you fall in love with love (and your love) all over again. Or you may want to rally your best friend or besties for a group hug because a platonic relationship is the next best thing to a romantic one.

Always Be My Maybe

If you happen to be single on Valentine's Day, this is the movie that will make you reconsider a loved one you might've, by happenstance, reconnected with. Old flames, especially the kind that never extinguished decades later, might actually ignite the love of your dreams. This is definitely the movie to watch alongside your BFF or it-could-be-love.

About Time

If only we could travel through time. In this sweet screenplay, the main character, Tim, can do just that. Because of a genetic disorder, he can move about time to change what can and has happened in his life. Stream this movie on Netflix with tissues nearby because you may just need it.

A Whirlwind Wedding

This is a rom-com sans the drama. Super cute and family-friendly movie worth a watch if you simply want to feel the joy of new love. It’s refreshing and a great watch you can stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Emily In Paris

Imagine landing your dream job in one of the most romantic cities in the world? That’s the premise of Emily in Paris, the cute, marketing exec from Chicago who relocates to Paris on the adventure of a lifetime. Watch this popular Netflix series if you support falling in love with the best person on the planet -- you.  

I’ll See You in My Dreams

There are two love stories in this film: the one she grieves and the one she is considering. You can watch it with your gal pals or your guy. It's relatable, fun, yet charming. This Amazon Prime Video flick is sure to have you starry-eyed with your Val or Galentine.


What better way to celebrate love than with a classic black and white film? Starring timeless beauty Audrey Hepburn and those handsome hunks Humphrey Bogart and William Holden, Sabrina is sure to captivate you from the first frame. 

This 1954 romance comedy will delight you with its simple cinematography, age-old elegance, and vintage Hollywood star power and will surely scratch that itch if you love a good love triangle. 

When brothers from an uber-rich family fall in love with the same girl, who happens to be the daughter of their family's chauffeur, drama ensues. The best part about this film is that it was remade in 1995, starring Harrison Ford as Linus Larrabee, Julia Ormond as Sabrina, and Greg Kinnear as David Larrabee.  You can rent the original version for $3.99 or watch the latest version on Netflix.

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