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The Best Potted Plants to Celebrate Boss’s Day

October 10, 2019

A great boss cultivates a supportive work environment and helps you grow in your career. 

Show your boss how much you appreciate him or her on Boss's Day this Wednesday, October 16.

Here are three Boss’s Day gift ideas sure to get you on the "good" list. 

1. Money Tree Plant


The better your boss does, the better you’ll do, right? Send them some money mojo with a money tree plant, said to bring wealth and prosperity to its owner. A money tree plant in the office can’t hurt.

2. Mini Orchid


Mini orchids are great for gifting, especially if you want to share your appreciation with multiple managers or supervisors at your workplace. It’s so easy to pick up a few mini orchids to give away with a handwritten note to show that you’re thinking of someone.

 3. Anthurium Plant


With their bright, bold colors, anthurium plants add tropical flair to any workplace. Surprise your boss with a gift that's delightfully unexpected. 

Whether your boss sits right across from you or is across the country, it's easy to find the perfect gift. Order a money tree plant, orchid or anthurium online with two-day or next-day delivery. 

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