3 Ways to Showcase Your Bromeliad In Your Fall Home Decor

3 Ways to Showcase Your Bromeliad In Your Fall Home Decor


You love your bromeliad. It’s beautiful, it’s easy to care for and has long-lasting blooms. However, maybe lately you’ve noticed your bromeliad doesn’t stand out quite as well as you’d like. In the décor of your home, it’s more of a supporting player than the star of the show. You want your bromeliad to stand out in all of its glory so visitors to your home can fully appreciate the beauty of this unique plant.

So, what can you do to showcase your bromeliad in your fall home decor? The answer: quite a bit. Here are some ideas to get started.

Jazz Up Your Planter Pot

Is a ho-hum planter pot holding your bromeliad back from its true role as a focal point in your home? If investing in a fancy planter pot isn’t your style, try one of these simple DIY updates to turn “boring” into “show stopping.”

Or, if you really want to showcase your bromeliad, consider building this mid-century inspired plant stand that will elevate your plant to the center of attention.

Make a Seasonally Stunning Mantle Display

Showcasing your bromeliad on your mantle is the perfect way to draw attention to it. Plus, the red leaf crown makes your bromeliad the ideal choice for an autumn mantle display. Combine your red plant with some orange mini pumpkins, a colorful leaf garland and some carefully placed pinecones for a fall mantle that will last well into December. Or, make your mantle Thanksgiving specific with a bunting sign that captures the spirit of giving.

(Source: Today’s Fabulous Finds)

The good news? Your bromeliad won’t have to vacate the mantle even when you change your fall décor over to Christmas. The red leaf crown goes great with both holiday color schemes.

Pair with Contrasting Colors

When in doubt, make your bromeliad stand out by giving it a point of contrast. Whether it’s your planter pot that serves up a contrasting color, the background wall color that makes the red leaf crown pop, or your plant’s specific positioning in a room that allows it to contrast the other décor, give your bromeliad the chance to shine. The way in which your plant interacts with its surroundings can make a big difference in how noticeable — or not noticeable — it is in a room.

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