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Cozy Fall Home Decor Essentials

October 12, 2023

Taking down summer decorations can feel like a gloomy ending to the season, but decorating your home for fall can be just as cheery (and definitely cozier!)

To really ring in the season, you’ll need a few cozy fall home decor essentials to bring you out of the sunglasses-and-sunscreen-phase and into the pumpkin-and-cider phase. The good news is this decor will carry you through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Some can even serve as Christmas decorations.

Here are four top home decor essentials for a cozy season!

A fall-themed centerpiece

Showcasing your fall spirit in the center of your table is a great place to start decorating for the season. You can find fake gourds, pumpkins and cornucopias at any craft store, just waiting to be filled with fall-colored flowers.

Consider arranging gourds with candles, pine cones and greenery. The possibilities are endless. Since the pumpkins are red in the photo below, you could use this decoration for Christmas. (We'd do it!)


Painted pumpkins galore!

Why stop at just your centerpiece? Pumpkins are still widely available at nurseries and greenhouses. Don’t be afraid to let mini pumpkins and colorful gourds work into other areas of your home. Painting your pumpkins gives you more creative freedom when it comes to the decorations you already have. Use them as a pop of color or let classic orange pumpkins shine all season.


Greenery and garlands

Arrange your orchids or indoor plants as you see fit and run a fall-colored garland in between the plants! Add a natural element by taking the decorative pot off your orchids and leaving the roots exposed in the grow pot.

You can also add other natural elements to your garlands, such as pine cones, pine needles, acorns, sticks and more. This decor works well for the winter holidays as well!

Eucalyptus runners

For a softer feel, use eucalyptus branches as a garland or table runners. They add a natural hue to your room, plus they smell great and will even work with any holiday decor through the rest of the year.GettyImages-1043584756

Cozy fall home decor that brings you joy

Shop the Fall Collection to find crisp red anthuriums, cozy coral orchids and bright yellow orchids to add to your decor. No matter which plant you choose, it will bring you joy for months to come.