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Decorating With Orchids This Fall: 4 Fun Tips

September 22, 2022

When decorating your home for fall, consider using orchids to add a unique artistic flair to almost any space. Although orchids are tropical plants, they're also versatile, making them a sustainable decor choice for any season. They not only come in a variety of colors, but with a little DIY creativity, you can showcase these beauties in a way that will captivate and delight your guests!

Here are four cool orchid decorating ideas for fall.

Add a Splash of Natural Autumn Color

When decorating for fall, the whites, pinks and light purples of summer give way to look deep magentas and fire glow oranges of fall. Purchase a fall-colored Watercolor Orchid as a mantelpiece or a dining room table centerpiece for a stunning autumn vibe!

Pair Your Orchid With Other Fall Decor

While orchids can certainly stand alone, you can add some tiny pumpkins and gourds to the mix as well. Check out the offerings at your local farmer's market, and arrange your gourds, pumpkins and orchid in a display basket or platter. This is a simple way to tap into your sense of playfulness and creativity!

Get Spooky

With Halloween just around the corner, you can add spooky decorations to any of your existing orchids or indoor plants. Drape your pots lightly in fake spider webs or match your fall-colored orchid to your favorite Halloween wreath. You can even dress your orchid pots up with some fun holiday fabric. 

Create a Pumpkin Vase

Rather than sticking a candle in your carved pumpkin, place your orchid inside and allow the pumpkin to act as a vase. Make sure you keep your orchid inside its clear plastic grower pot and continue your weekly watering routine. Also, place your pumpkin in a room where your orchid still gets enough natural light. 

Branch Out and Share Your Creativity

Now that you can see how easy it is to dress orchids up for autumn, challenge yourself to think of decorating ideas that aren't on this list. We'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below with your tips for fall decorating with orchids!

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