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4 Simple Ways You Can Decorate Your Home Like a Professional

March 22, 2016

Hiring an interior designer may not be in your decorating budget for your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still borrow a few tricks of the trade. With a little extra planning and research, you can turn your home into an enviable space that will have all of your guests asking, “Who did you hire?”

To get started on your interior design-inspired home, start with these four simple tips:

1. Use Free Resources

There are countless resources on the Internet for design inspiration and tips. Find a few design bloggers whose style agrees with your own and see what ideas they recommend. Browse Pinterest or Freshome for images that you think you could realistically create. Of course, you can always go old school and browse magazines or catalogs for ideas.

2. Don’t get Overwhelmed by Color Choices

With all the shades and varieties of colors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when picking out your color scheme and make two big mistakes: too much or too little color. Instead, stick to a simple rule of three. Limiting yourself to three colors or shades per room gives you a good variety without going overboard. From there, you can use one color for an accent wall and the other two colors for furniture and accessory accents.

As for how to choose which colors you want to use, this is where your research comes in handy. Look back over the pictures you saved and see which color schemes tend to pop up in your preferences.

3. Bring on the Flowers

A lesser-known interior design tip is using flowers to tie a room together. Since buying fresh-cut flowers every week isn’t easy on your budget, consider investing in a few low-maintenance potted plants or flowers to brighten up your space.

Orchids are great for adding height to a mantle or shelf display and the wide variety of bloom colors means you’re sure to find something that matches your décor. Or look for a lush green fern or small collection of succulents to add some life to a lonely side table.

4. Embrace Textures

Texture doesn’t just add an interesting focal point to a room, it can also liven up the environment while still reflecting your personal style and home needs. Try mixing up different fabrics and seeking out a variety of materials for your furniture and decorations. For instance, top your leather couch with a few velvet pillows and invest in a coffee table that mixes dark stained wood and metal accents.

Decorating your home with the eye of a professional may take some practice, but don’t be afraid to take a few risks and play around with your own personal style. With a little research and a positive attitude, your home will be magazine-ready before you know it.

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