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Eco-Friendly Christmas and Holiday Gifts

December 8, 2022

Want to avoid adding to the waste generated by post-Thanksgiving sales and ensuing spending frenzy? Or perhaps you have a climate-conscious friend you’re afraid to buy gifts for in case they aren’t eco-friendly enough?

Make an impact this holiday season and give your friends peace of mind when you give them eco-friendly Christmas or holiday gifts. We have several great gift ideas for you that won’t break your budget! 

What is an Eco-Friendly Gift?

As climate crisis concerns increase, so do the demands for products that won’t make the situation worse. Consumers often use words like ‘sustainable,’ ‘net zero,’ ‘carbon-neutral’ and ‘earth-friendly’ interchangeably, but they have very different meanings. Eco-friendly is a general phrase that claims the product or service, at the very least, doesn’t harm the environment. 

Six Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts for Every Budget

Whether your friend is down-to-earth and practical, artistic, or has a more refined taste, there’s something here for everyone!

1. Locally-Made Decor and Household Items

Most cities have holiday markets where you can buy gifts made by local artisans, such as unique coffee mugs made by local potters, hand-knit beanies made from local wool, wooden ornaments created from reclaimed wood and more. When you buy local, you support your community and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

2. Indoor Plants

Houseplants purify the air, are low-maintenance and long lasting. You’re sure to delight your giftee with a Just Add Ice® indoor plant from our holiday collection!  From the Candy Pink Cinnamon Poinsettia to the stunning red Amaryllis with white and yellow orchid planter, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one! Just Add Ice® offers houseplants in various sizes and colors that your friends and family will love, regardless of the size or style of their indoor spaces. Act quickly because these seasonal treats won’t last!

3. Zero Waste Kits

Help your friend reduce their single-use plastic use by replacing these items with reusable products. You can find many ‘Zero Waste Kits’ with fun, cute household necessities made from recycled and renewable materials versus the ‘one-and-done’ plastic products that hurt our planet. From storage bags to beeswax sandwich wraps, these kits make it so much easier to go green! 

4. Solar Powered Phone Charger

Does your friend feel like an untethered kite when their cell phone dies and they have nowhere to charge it?  A solar-powered phone charger may be the perfect eco-friendly stocking stuffer! Outdoorsy, adventurous types will also appreciate this gift, especially if they visit remote places without access to electricity. Available online and in stores, such as Target and Best Buy, you can buy one of these gadgets for as little as $10.

5. Stainless Steel Straws

Ok, while it’s not the most glamorous item on our list, if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer your earth-friendly friend will appreciate, this is a great one: Plastic straws add to the pollution generated from plastic manufacturing, harming crucial marine life and more. Replacing plastic with stainless steel is stylish and makes a sustainable gift they can put in their handbag or backpack wherever they go.

You can buy more than one in a pack, they are safe to use and reusable, long-lasting, portable and easy to clean. Order a multicolored pack of four steel straws from Klean Kanteen, a family-owned company based in California, for less than $12.00. 

6. Gift Cards from Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Brands

Many holiday gifts end up in the trash – and landfills – because people end up with items they don’t want or need. Unless you know someone’s taste, consider a gift card from an eco-friendly brand.

If your friend loves plants, for example, consider a Just Add Ice® digital gift card. Since it’s delivered digitally, there’s no plastic or carbon involved! 

Holiday Gifts in an Eco-Friendly Nutshell

Shopping for sustainable and earth-friendly gifts can feel overwhelming, but let go of trying to be perfect. If you follow a few guidelines, your climate-conscious friend will appreciate your efforts. 

  • Get them something you know they need, want and like
  • Buy gifts made from natural or recycled materials
  • Shop local when you can
  • Consider making something yourself
  • Purchase gifts that are long-lasting 

Pro Tip: If you have a plain brown box, you can convert it into a gift box by making your own DIY paper orchid gift box decorations for a truly eco-friendly gift! Feel like time is running out and you want something easy, long-lasting and earth-friendly? Have one of our beautiful plants delivered directly to your friend’s doorstep!

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