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Plants In the Classroom: Send Teacher a Mini Orchid

August 24, 2021

It’s back to school time (we can hear the parents rejoicing)! If you’re looking for a teacher appreciation gift to send with your child consider sending a gift with a dual purpose: a mini orchid.

Besides being lovely to look at, orchids are easy to grow and can also be used as a beneficial teaching tool in the classroom environment. Here’s how.

4 lessons that come from orchids in the classroom

Indoor plants in the classroom have many benefits, including improved concentration, reduced stress, increased productivity and reduced mental fatigue — all things kids and teachers need to make it through even the most trying days. Growing plants is also a great learning tool over the course of the school year. Here’s how.

Anatomy of plants

First and foremost is a biology lesson on the anatomy of an orchid. From the petals down to the air roots, teachers could spend time talking about each part of the orchid and its role in helping the plant survive and grow.

Learn how plants grow

Helping plants grow is no small feat. Teachers could discuss how all the systems in the orchid work together to help the plant thrive. They could also discuss what might go wrong internally and cause a plant to die. Then, when you add in the role of plant parents, there are many variables that could be either good or bad for the plant.

Complete Care Guide

The importance of light

This goes along with learning how plants grow, but it’s a very important element in the lifecycle of any plant. A teacher could place two of the same plants in different spots in the classroom and keep track of how they grow or dwindle. This is also a good lesson on how plants use sunlight to make food.


Growing anything takes patience — something that is particularly hard for children to practice. An orchid will teach students a lesson in patience after the blooms fall. Children can watch as the orchid goes through a 6- to 9-month dormant period and then rejoice when a new stem sprouts off the spike. It’s exciting even for adults!

Gifts for teachers

Other great teacher gifts include money trees, anthuriums, peace lilies, spider plants, snake plants and succulents.

Send your child to school with a mini orchid for the teacher, and you’ve just created four easy lessons the teacher will thank you for later. Plus, it’s a gift they can enjoy for years to come with proper care. Shop our Flower Shop In A Box for 12 or 20 white or multicolor orchids, or shop our mini orchid collection to find the perfect color.

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