Home Decor Trends and Tips from Interior Designer Amanda Gates

Home Decor Trends and Tips from Interior Designer Amanda Gates

A professionally trained, award-winning interior designer, Feng Shui practitioner and award-winning blogger, Amanda Gates is a leader in the world of intentional design—creating harmonious, healing environments through design.

Her designs have been featured in People magazine, Nashville Home & Garden, At Home Tennessee, Fox News Magazine and more. Based in Franklin, Tennessee, she works with clients locally and nationally.

We sat down with her to find out what makes a great space, design trends we can expect in the new year and more.

What are some ways someone can incorporate live plants and flowers into their spaces?

Plants can be tricky, they can be harmful to kids and pets. I generally recommend placing indoor houseplants in the bathroom and kitchen where they are out of reach, but also make a space pretty. Herbs in the kitchen are great and so are fresh-cut flowers.

What are some interior design trends we should keep an eye out for in 2017?

Look no further than the fashion industry. As styles and trends hit the runway it’s only a matter of time before they translate into home decor. More than ever before people want personalization. Interchangeable pompoms, guitar straps and flowers were seen all over the runway. One of my favorite trends? Kitsch pins and iron-on patches—probably because it takes me back to the fourth grade. But don’t be surprised if these decorative embellishments start showing up in new ways for home decor. I can already see this for pillows, drapes and linens.

Another big trend are flowers. The hibiscus was everywhere in big ways. In some countries the hibiscus is actually considered bad luck, but for the rest of us, it can be enjoyed in large florals throughout the home.

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What are some simple ways someone can decorate with bright color?

Always through accessories. Throws, pillows, orchids and art are the best.

Winter can be a dreary time. What are some ways someone can brighten up their space when it’s gray and cold outside?

Candles are a great way to boost your mood during those dreary times. Scents, fresh flowers, lighting a fire and pillows are my go-to sources.

In addition to investing in good drapes and art, what investment pieces can make a difference in a room?

Bed linens. You spend a third of your life in bed, so buy a good mattress and the most expensive linens you can afford. You deserve it!

When it comes to interior design, what are the most common misconceptions you encounter?

1. Hands down the big B word. BUDGET. No one ever thinks it’s going to cost what it’s really going to cost.

2. Buying quality. Everyone has acquired a disposable mindset. Buy a bunch of cheap stuff to fill the room and get rid of it when I no longer want it. It’s a terrible approach to design that has gotten really popular. People think that because it takes time to curate or that moving is inevitable, or because you have kids, you shouldn’t buy quality. I disagree. Buy quality, buy once. Period.

I invested in a sofa 10 years ago. It was $4,500 and it HURT to buy it. I was so nervous that it was too expensive. I still have that sofa today and it sits like a dream and I still get compliments on it. Buy quality, buy once.

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