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How to Care for Orchids in a Dry Environment

June 10, 2014

orchid-care-dry-environmentA tropical plant, the Phalaenopsis orchid loves humidity. Phals thrive at humidity levels between 55 and 75%. These levels are relatively easy to reach in climate-controlled homes and offices; however, they can be difficult attain in areas with dry or desert climates.

Without proper hydration, even the most robust orchids will falter. If you live in a low-humidity environment, never fear! We’ve put together a few ways you can keep your orchid hydrated and healthy.

Orchids in the Mist

An alternative way to hydrate your plant is by misting it with water from a spray bottle. When humidity levels are always low, mist your orchid in the morning. Make sure you don’t spray your plant too late in the evening as temperatures drop at night. Lower temperatures mean less drying capability and more moisture, which can encourage fungus to grow and spread.

Wet behind the stones

An attractive and practical way to quench your orchid’s thirst is to place your plant on a tray of wet pebbles. The water evaporates from the stones’ surface, which creates a more humid environment around your orchid. For a striking humidity boosting décor, pair black pebbles or stones with bright and bold orchid colors like purple and hot pink.

Humidify to Satisfy

A humidifier is the most controlled option for boosting humidity around your orchid. Many humidifiers feature a built-in controller that allows you to set the levels you want. (You can buy these humidifiers online or at your local department or hardware store.) Remember to turn off your humidifier at night to give your plant ample time to “dry out.”

Pick up Steam

The bathroom is a prime orchid location. Why? Whether it’s steam from the shower or water running from the faucet, there is no shortage of water in your bathroom. Be sure to place your orchid in the bathroom before your next shower so it can soak up the moisture. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, prevent mold and fungus from growing by moving your plant to a warmer room with indirect sunlight later in the day.

Living in a low-humidity climate doesn’t mean your orchid health has to suffer. These five tips will give your orchid the moisture it craves!

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