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How to Decorate Using Plants and Lighting

November 3, 2015

As exciting as decorating your home can be, it can also be intimidating. With so many options, styles and trends to choose from, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. One decorating trend that never goes out of style is the classic natural approach of decorating with plants.

Using plants in your decor is an easy way to add some natural beauty to your home, and when you decorate using plants, it provides an affordable decorating solution that is easy to change up with the seasons and your moods. Plants also have the added advantage of positively influencing the health of your home, thanks to their natural ability to cleanse the air of toxins and improve the oxygen content.

One way to tie a room together with decorative plants is to use creative lighting solutions to create a cohesive look. Check out the following five examples for inspiration:

A romantically lit birdcage


This display adds some vintage flair to a room, and the combination of plants and soft lighting also gives off a romantic appeal. You can switch up the plants by season or go neutral with ferns or succulents.

A rustic and elegant combination of potted plants


The pots you choose for your plants can create an entirely new personality for the space you’re decorating. Combining the three plants in the photograph above suggests a rustic ambience, but the delicate arch of the orchid adds a note of elegance. You could even enhance this elegant motif by positioning tea lights or other small candles around the plants.

A ladder wrapped in vines and lights


If you’re decorating an outdoor space like a garden or courtyard, consider using a ladder to add height to the visual appeal. Enhance the natural charm of the ladder by wrapping vines or branches through the rungs and stringing lights along the sides.


A dramatic centerpiece with lanterns and flowers


A small bud vase next to a sophisticated lantern can make a perfect centerpiece for your dining room table or an eye-catching bookend to your living room mantle. If you don’t want to regularly maintain a display of fresh-cut flowers, consider using a small potted flower instead.

A crafty flower-covered paper lantern


Though living flowers add panache to any room, we couldn’t resist including this perfectly feminine craft project using a paper lantern and silk flowers. The delicacy of this hanging floral light would be the perfect touch to a teenager’s bedroom or a beachy vacation retreat.

Armed with this inspiration, you can now go forth and make confident decorating decisions that add beauty, health and light to your home.

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