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Keep Your Home Feeling Festive With These No-Fuss Houseplants

January 2, 2018

After you've said goodbye to your Christmas tree, you can keep a sense of festivity by adding some lush, green houseplants. They're easy to care for and let you keep that cheerful feeling all year long. 

Here are five no-fuss houseplants you can use to beat your post-Christmas tree blues.


5 Houseplants To Brighten Your Home In the New Year

 Plants to Add Color to Your Winter.jpg


These hardy houseplants are easy to care for and look beautiful with any type of décor. The red blooms are attractive without being overwhelming, and the lush green leaves have that festive flair you’ll be missing as the holidays go away. Plus, anthuriums are ideal for someone who hasn’t owned a houseplant before — they droop when they need water, so there’s no second-guessing.

Weeping Figs

 Miniature weeping figs are adorable yet powerful. They’re well-known for being one of the better air-purifying plants and only need to be watered once per week. The unique braided trunk has a bit of an exotic appeal, and the arched branches couldn’t be more elegant.

A Money Tree Plant

The perfect addition to any home office, money tree plants are supposed to bring good fortune to their owners. They look attractive, don’t take up much space and have incredibly simple care instructions. Just two ice cubes worth of water per week and lots of indirect sunlight is all they need to thrive.


Cacti (and other succulents) can survive in the desert — so surely they can survive winter in your home. In addition to enjoying low maintenance care, adding a cactus or succulent to your home is a great way to give your living room a Southwestern makeover with minimal effort.

Indoor Bonsai Trees

Indoor bonsai trees are a symbol of honor and prestige, which makes them the perfect addition to any home. The ginseng root and tiny leaves make for an attractive, but unique appearance that will fit in nicely with any décor.

So, don’t let post-holiday blues get you down. The Christmas tree might be gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fill your home with beautiful greenery that creates a year-round cozy vibe.

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