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Why Is My Money Tree Plant Losing Leaves?

June 29, 2021


The money tree plant is believed to bring good luck and harmony to your office or home. It's the perfect size for even small spaces, helps purify the air and is incredibly easy to care for. 

Even so, you might notice your money tree plant losing leaves from time to time. Why does this happen, and how do you know when you should be concerned? 

Here's what you need to know. 

Common reasons for money tree plant leaf loss

Money tree plants need regular watering with good drainage, indirect sunlight and steady temperatures to thrive. The absence of any of these elements could contribute to leaf loss. 

Let's take a closer look at each one.

Too much or too little water

A 5-inch money tree plant needs very little water — just two ice cubes or three tablespoons of water once a week. 

Using the ice cube watering method can help you ensure your money tree is receiving the right amount. Assuming you are watering yours regularly and not overwatering or watering too little, your leaf loss could be caused by poor drainage. 

Keep your money tree in a pot with a built-in elevated bottom to prevent standing water, which can cause root rot or soggy or dead trunks. You should also use potting media that allows proper drainage. 

Too much direct sunlight

Too much direct sunlight can burn the leaves of a money tree plant and cause leaf loss. 

Place your money tree plant near a south-facing window during the summer months, and move it to your east window in the winter. Rotating it 90 degrees once a week can help ensure it receives the right amount of light to grow evenly. 

Temperature fluctuations

The money tree plant is happiest at room temperature. Be careful not to place it near air conditioning or heating vents or outside when temperatures are likely to drop below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 

More money tree plant care tips

Some leaf loss is normal as your money tree grows. If you notice leaves turning brown, you can prune them to encourage new growth. 

Fertilizing your money tree plant twice a year and repotting it every year or two in a pot that's slightly larger will also encourage it to keep growing. 

If you follow these simple care tips, your money tree can grow several times its original size and keep growing for years! 

To keep these tips handy, download our money tree plant care guide and keep it on your fridge.

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