Which TV Mom Matches Your Mother's Personality?

Mother's Day Plants for Mom

Finding the perfect gift for mom can be a daunting task. Instead of buying her another trinket that will ultimately collect dust on her shelf, why not buy her a plant that will bring her joy for months?

We know, buying a plant can be tricky too. That's why we made it easy: We’ve got a houseplant match, depending on which iconic TV mother matches your mom’s personality.

Don't wait! The last day to buy a plant to get it delivered to your mom on time is noon EDT on May 5. 

A houseplant match for mom

Plants for Mother's Day will last longer than stem bouquets or chocolates, and with proper care, they will bring her happy thoughts for months or even years with proper care. Find the right plant for Mother's Day by matching your mom with one of these iconic TV moms. 

Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch

Plant: She’s Comforting

Carol Brady raised three girls on her own and then meets a man with three boys of his own. She treats her stepsons like they’re her own and always has meaningful words of wisdom to bestow. She gives her six children space to make mistakes, but she was always there with a shoulder to cry on when needed.



Peggy Bundy from Married... With Children

Plant: She’s Sassy

Peg is the opposite of every TV mom made popular in 1950s sitcoms — she doesn’t do housework, she freely spends money and she never cooks. However, her hair is always perfectly coiffed and she’s always full of witty quips.



Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy

Plant: She’s Devoted

Lucy was one of the first pregnant characters on TV. When she tells Ricky she’s expecting, they dance and sing “We’re having a baby,” while both characters well up with tears. Like any new mother, Lucy doubts her ability to care for a child and hilariously struggles with bathing Little Ricky and other small tasks. Her determination to make a good life for Little Ricky is apparent and so very wholesome.


Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show

Plant: She’s Dependable

Clair is an attorney, a mother of five and a wife. As a mother, she uses her quick wit, smarts and cool demeanor to keep the Cosby children in line, no matter what they try to get away with. Mother always knows… and she’s not putting up with any nonsense.


Mother's Day plant gifts

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