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Love Plants? Get Rewards With Our New Plant Perks Loyalty Program!

July 2, 2019


Your passion for plants is about to pay off in a big way. 

Whether you're a devoted "plant parent" or someone who buys them as gifts for special occasions, you can start reaping rewards with Just Add Ice's new Plant Perks loyalty program. 

What Is The Plant Perks Loyalty Program?

The Plant Perks loyalty program is a fun way to benefit from buying plants from our online store.

You’ll receive one Plant Perk for every dollar you spend on any online plant purchase at Every purchase plants the seed for a reward you can redeem later—whether you’re buying orchids, anthuriums, or any other plants from our collection.

Plant Perks only accumulate with online purchases and can only be redeemed for online orders.

The best part is your perks never expire; any unused perks continue to accumulate!

How To Join Plant Perks

Great news—if you already have an online ordering account on Just Add Ice, you can start earning Plant Perks with your next purchase! If you haven’t ordered online before, take a moment to create an account with your name and email address and you’ll receive a bonus 50 Plant Perks to get started.

How To Redeem Your Plant Perks

Redeeming your Plant Perks is simple! One you have an account, you’ll receive email updates as your perks accumulate. Use the one-time discount code you receive in your email to redeem your perks. When you reach 300 Plant Perks, you’ll receive a one-time code for $40 off your next purchase. 

How To Get More Plant Perks

Already eyeing your next purchase? Each online purchase gets you closer to your $40 discount. That means if you order several plants at once (like one for yourself, and one for a friend) you’ll get there in no time! 

In addition to the Plant Perks you'll receive for creating a new account, we'll also reward you with an extra 50 perks on your birthday.

It pays to be passionate about plants! Sign up for our Plant Perks loyalty program to start reaping the benefits today. 

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