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New Year, New Plant Tips

January 25, 2024

Many of our plants are easy to care for, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to share new plant tips with you as you either begin or continue your plant journey in 2024. Even if you’ve never owned a houseplant or tried your hand at gardening, you find success with plants with a few helpful tips. Plus, if you are already a plant expert, maybe you’ll find a new tip or two!  

Don't overwater 

The No. 1 mistake most people make with many houseplants is overwatering. Depending on so many other factors, like temperature and lighting, your plant will need different amounts of water throughout the year. However, our biggest tip is to not overwater. It is better to go underwater than overwater. Why? Because sitting water or too much water can lead to root rot. If your plant is a little too dry, it will just suck up the water you give it right away.  

Find perfect lighting 

The trick to having success with plants is bright but indirect lighting. What is it that you may ask? If you have a window that gets direct sunlight – blinds or curtains will diffuse some of that light. On the other hand, if you have a home that doesn’t get a lot of bright, indirect light, don’t be afraid to add a grow light near your plants to help support their growth!  

Provide comfortable temperatures 

Most indoor houseplants enjoy the same temperatures as you do, which is comfortable! Daytime temps between 65 and 80 degrees and nighttime temps between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for most houseplants. It’s okay if temps drop below that or slightly above on occasion, but your plants may suffer if exposed to extremes for long amounts of time.  

Add humidity 

This doesn't apply to all houseplants, but many of them would appreciate a bit more moisture, especially during the drier months or if you live in a drier climate. If your air is dry, run a humidifier in the same room as your plants to help add some moisture into the air. You can also move plants into more humid areas, like bathrooms, if you can’t add a humidifier.  

Think about fertilizer 

You’re giving your plant plenty of water and it’s getting plenty of light, but it just isn’t growing, what could be the issue? Your plant might need a little bit more from you. If your plant seems to be stagnant in growth, you should fertilize once or twice a month with a half-strength solution of 20-20-20 plant fertilizer. Don’t water your orchid the week it is fertilized. 

Routine Maintenance  

Plants need to be checked on, just like friends and family. They might look alright from the outside but look under the leaves now and again. You need to be checking for pests, as well as dead or dying leaves. Removing leaves with sterile scissors is beneficial for your plants, as well as making sure there are no pests making themselves at home.  

You’ll find more orchid care tips and helpful orchid care videos on the Just Add Ice Orchids website.