Selling Potted Indoor Plants vs. Fresh Flowers

Selling Potted Indoor Plants vs. Fresh Flowers

If you’ve ever received a bouquet of fresh flowers, you know as beautiful as they may look when you first put them into the vase, they end up in the trash all too soon.

Fortunately there’s an alternative that’s great for both consumers and wholesale distributors: potted indoor plants.

Here are five advantages to selling them at your store.

They Last Longer

The shelf life of an indoor potted plant helps protect your inventory longer. While fresh flowers need to be sold within a certain period of time, potted plants can last significantly longer with proper care. Less waste can lead to higher sales, making an investment in potted plants well worth the money.

They’re Less Labor-Intensive

Fresh flowers have to be assembled into bouquets or arrangements, requiring extra time and skill that you and your staff may not have readily available. Indoor potted plants are shipped to you in their sale-ready state, and all you have to do is take them out of the box.

They Have Simple Care Instructions

In addition to cutting back on labor, many potted plants — like orchids — also require very minimal care to thrive. In fact, Phalaenopsis orchid care is as simple as watering with three ice cubes once a week, so there’s no risk of over- or under-watering. Without having to worry about complicated watering schedules, misting or refrigeration, you can enjoy flower sales without the hassle.

They’re Easy to Display

Fresh flowers need complicated displays and constant maintenance to stay ready for consumers to purchase. But with potted indoor plants, you can enjoy much more flexible display options that take up less space in your store and allow for greater creativity.

Your Customers Will Buy Them

It won’t take much to convince your customers to purchase potted plants over fresh flower bouquets. Once they consider the long-lasting potential and affordability — not to mention how much better of a gift a potted plant makes compared to a disposable bouquet — they’ll be lining up to purchase. Plus, with trendy potted plants like orchids, you can offer your customers even more reasons to buy.

While fresh flowers aren’t likely to ever go out of style, adding potted plants to your lineup will give you more variety and boost customer satisfaction. And these advantages are just the beginning.

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