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Why Orchids Are More Sustainable Than Fresh Flowers

February 8, 2024

If you’ve ever received a bouquet of fresh flowers, you know as beautiful as they may look when you first put them into the vase, they end up in the trash all too soon. Fortunately, there’s an alternative that’s just as beautiful in your home, potted plants like orchids! Because they come home in dirt, instead of a trimmed stem, you can get much more time with them and enjoy their beauty.  

Here are a few advantages to bringing home and orchid instead of cut flowers. 

They Last Longer

The shelf life of a potted orchid is much longer than fresh flowers. While flowers will likely last 1-2 weeks, an orchid will be in bloom for up to 8 weeks! Plus, with proper care, your orchid can rebloom later, meaning you get more beauty at another time in your home. 

They Have Simple Care Instructions 

Fresh flowers need to be trimmed and get fresh water and that’s all in just a few days. Orchids are simple and don’t require much work once they’re brought home. Just water once a week with ice cubes and place in bright, indirect light and they’ll thrive! Without having to worry about complicated watering schedules, misting or refrigeration, you can enjoy stunning blooms without the hassle. 

They’re Just as Beautiful to Display 

Fresh flowers require some maintenance at home to remain full, although they are beautiful! Orchids have a nice longevity though and can carry you over weeks while still being beautiful. The different sized options give you opportunities to decorate different spaces of your home that a vase of cut flowers may not fit into. Bathroom counters, or other small spaces like window ledges.  

While fresh flowers aren’t likely to ever go out of style, adding potted plants to your lineup will give you more variety!